Investing in Local Infrastructure

Benefits of Domestic Facilities for Recycling and Compost

Abbie Webb

Abbie Webb

Director of Sustainability
Casella Resource Solutions
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In this training you will learn:

  • Understanding where waste goes and the impacts involved
  • Hidden benefits of local domestic infrastructure for recycling and composting
  • Risks facility managers need to understand about exporting materials
  • Examples of successful domestic recycling infrastructure projects
  • How to find a trusted partner to explore local infrastructure for your business

About Abbie Webb

Abbie Webb is the sustainability director at Casella Resource Solutions. She leads the company’s overall sustainability strategy as it relates to recycling and diversion efforts, carbon emission reduction programs, public policy and technological and market-based innovations across the Northeast. She also helps the next generation of leaders understand the approaches of today and the lens of tomorrow. Abbie was a 2018 Waste360 40-Under-40 recipient.

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