Effective Bins, Signage & Culture

Collection Design that Avoids Contamination and Increases Engagement

Adam Sweis

Adam Sweis

Director of Partnerships

In this training you will learn:

  • What works when it comes to bins: size, color, shape, lids
  • What works when it comes to signage: style, text, graphics, location
  • What works when it comes to training: interactivity, events, communications
  • High-tech but affordable solutions that combine many of these successes
  • Recommendations for assessing your collection program

About Adam Sweis

Adam is the Director of Partnerships for EvoEco, a Seattle-based technology company founded in 2015. Their flagship product the “EVOBIN” is a first-of-a-kind revolutionary smart waste receptacle. They started with a mission to figure out… “How do you get people to throw their trash away correctly?” and worked through a collaborative research project at the University of Washington between sustainability professionals, faculty and students. All for a resolution to unsustainable waste practices and incorrect disposal. EvoEco developed a number of educational solutions like a mobile app pocket guide and interactive tablets in front of garbage cans before arriving at their EVOBIN solution.

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