Effective E-Waste Management

Responsibly Recycling Electronics Now and in the Future

Josh Lepawsky, PhD

Professor of Geography
Memorial University of Newfoundland

In this training you will learn:

  • Unfamiliarizing yourself with common but misleading narratives about e-waste
  • How to know if your e-waste is really waste or if it has other potential
  • How to assess best ways to responsibly handle your facility's end-of-use electronics
  • 2 trusted certification programs to look for when vetting electronics vendors
  • Key considerations to reduce your facility's consumption of electronics

About Josh Lepawsky

Josh is an associate professor of Geography at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in , Canada. Fascinated by connections between geography and technology, Lepawsky pursued this theme in both MA from Queen’s University and PhD from the University of Kentucky.

His research involves mapping the international trade and traffic of electronic waste. In 2018, his book Reassembling Rubbish: Worlding Electronic Waste was released documenting his research findings and attention on the prospects and challenges of “fair” or “ethical” trade in rubbish electronics and recycling.

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