Landfill-Free Verification

A Certifier’s Perspective on Process and Performance Improvement

Justin Brown

Senior Auditor
NSF International

In this training you will learn:

  • History of Landfill-Free Verification and businesses using the standard
  • Multiple sources of value that facility managers realize from achieving verification
  • A clear understanding of the verification process and timeline
  • The performance requirements required for verifiction
  • How to get started on your company’s Landfill-Free Verification journey

About Justin Brown

Justin has worked at NSF International for nearly 19 years in varying capacities. He has worked within the NSF Sustainability program for 10 years, since its inception. As a senior auditor, Justin conducts audits to multiple, multi-attribute, product and process certification standards. This has allowed him to professionally review the sustainability processes for companies across many industries.

His perspective from a decade on-the-job proves valuable to facility managers wanting to put processes into place to achieve waste reduction improvements, as well as recognition of performance with third-party certification.

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