Handling Hard to Recycle Items

Using Community Non-Profit Partnerships to Solve Complex Problems

Kate Christian

Kate Christian

Corporate Sustainability Coordinator
Eco-Cycle, Inc.

In this training you will learn:

  • Industry collaboration opportunities to recycle hard-to-recycle products and packaging
  • How to use climate benefits from waste reduction in project justifications and reporting
  • How employee engagement can make life easier for facility managers
  • Why regional differences, although frustrating, stimulate new solutions that scale nationally
  • How to get a second opinion when you’re unsure about hauler or recycling center feedback

About Kate Christian

Kate is the corporate sustainability coordinator for Eco-Cycle Solutions and a leading authority on zero-waste best practices who focuses on the facts, details, and logistics that help zero-waste initiatives succeed. Eco-Cycle also operates a publicly owned materials recovery facility in Boulder, CO and has helped contribute to the strong materials recovery ethic in that area of the country. Kate coordinates the Green Star Business program and acts as Eco-Cycle’s in-house guru about working with businesses and leading the charge on innovative projects around hard-to-recycle materials.

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