Marketing for Talent and Revenue:

Leveraging Waste Storytelling for Additional Benefits

Luke Soiseth

Mod & Company

In this training you will learn:

  • Why its critical for facility managers to understand marketing
  • Leveraging internal communications for employees
  • Leveraging external communications for customers
  • Financial benefits that can only be realized with good marketing
  • How to avoid real business risks of greenwashing

About Luke Soiseth

Luke is a co-owner, principal and copywriter at Mod & Company. They are a small but mighty team that believes in good. They work for good and align themselves with good. In an era when every headline, slogan and thought gets a superlative and an exclamation point, they often see superficial, superfluous, period. Mod seeks clients who are heroes doing wonderful things in their communities, so their stories simply must be told… in a well-researched, strategic, compelling, intelligent, and appropriately designed manner. Luke focuses on helping clients – from small local makers and nonprofits to large governmental agencies and corporations – tell their story, get the word out, talk to their customers or constituents, so they succeed doing the sorts of things that make the world a better place.

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