Commercial Composting Secrets

How Facility Managers Can Profitably Manage Organics

Scott Amendt

Scott Amendt

Territory Sales Executive
GreenRU LLC & Chamness Technology, Inc.
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In this training you will learn:

  • Commercial composting solutions working today in the marketplace
  • Tips for facility managers finding the right program that gives an ROI
  • Industry innovations expected to help compost organic waste
  • Recommendations for finding a trusted composting vendor

About Scott Amendt

Scott is a territory sales executive at GreenRU--a Chamness Technologies company. He began his career in organics diversion in 2010 with a purpose of helping companies and organizations dispose of their non-hazardous wastes in an environmentally friendly manner--including achieving Landfill-Free and Zero-Waste goals.

In early 2012, GreenRU LLC was established as an Organics Waste Diversion Program that creates customized recycling programs of organics and food scraps for local restaurants, businesses, schools, universities and other organizations to help meet their landfill diversion initiatives. GreenRU has grown from a Central Iowa program to now covering 5 Midwestern states. Food and other organic waste streams are now being composted at this facility. The resulting compost is land applied to farm ground, gardens, lawns and other projects that involve improving soil health and productivity. In 2020, GreenRU LLC will celebrate 8 years of service to over 250 clients and commercial composting service for over 25 years.

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