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Paxton Bucheral

Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Manager
DMI Companies

SME Manufacturing Case Study:

Reducing Environmental Footprint by Adding Dumpsters

Paxton Bucheral is the Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Manager of DMI Companies, headquartered in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. DMI Companies offers contractors and builders...

Cindy Barnett

Cindy Barnett

Manager, Corporate Services/Facilities Management

Office Campus Case Study:

Real Financial Savings from Removing Dumpsters

Cindy Barnett is Manager of Corporate Services and Facilities Management ACT and has been with them since 2011. She leads the Vendor Management team, including their...

Cole Rosengren

Senior Editor of Waste Dive
Industry Dive

The Future of U.S. Recycling:

Evolving Domestic Infrastructure and Zero Waste Goals

Cole Rosengren is the senior editor of Waste Dive and has been on the team since 2016. Waste Dive provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping...

Mandi McKay

Sustainability Manager
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Brewery Case Study:

Stories from an Early Zero-Waste Pioneer

Mandi McKay is the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co where she leads the company’s environmental initiatives aimed at building an enduring and resilient company...

Bob Willard

Chief Sustainability Champion
The Sustainability Advantage

Making the Business Case for Zero Waste:

Free Tools for a Cost-Benefit Analysis that Gets CFO Approval

Bob is a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability strategies and has given over 1,300 presentations to corporate, government, university...

Laura Hernandez

Senior Corporate Responsibility Specialist
Cox Automotive

Multi-Site Case Study:

Implementing the Same Vision at Different Locations

Laura is the senior corporate responsibility specialist at Cox Automotive. In partnership with Cox Enterprises’ national sustainability program, Cox Conserves, they have...

Adam Sweis

Adam Sweis

Director of Partnerships

Effective Bins, Signage & Culture:

Collection Design that Avoids Contamination and Increases Engagement

Adam is the Director of Partnerships for EvoEco...

Josh Lepawsky, PhD

Professor of Geography
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Effective E-Waste Management:

Responsibly Recycling Electronics Now and in the Future

Josh is an associate professor of Geography at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in , Canada. Fascinated by connections between geography...

Scott Amendt

Scott Amendt

Territory Sales Executive
GreenRU LLC & Chamness Technology, Inc.

Commercial Composting Secrets:

How Facility Managers Can Profitably Manage Organics

Scott is a territory sales executive at GreenRU--a Chamness Technologies company. He began his career in organics diversion in 2010 with a purpose of helping companies...


Hannah Moskowitz

Sustainability and Sales Operations Manager
Recycle Track Systems

Creative Data-Driven Solutions:

Technology and Actionable Data to Support Zero Waste

Hannah is the sustainability and sales operations manager at Recycle Track Systems...

Monica Wilson

Associate Director

What About Waste-to-Energy?

The Debate and Analysis of the Risks

Monica is associate director of GAIA...

Nikki Cossio

Founder & CEO
Measure to Improve

Getting Quality Waste Audits:

Physical & Visual Collection of Actionable Data

Nikki is the founder and CEO at Measure to Improve...

Alan Schumacher

Business Development & Sales
Quincy Recycle

Leveraging a Materials Broker:

Partner with an Expert with Access to Markets

Alan does business development and sales for Quincy Recycle...

Alicia Culver

Executive Director
Responsible Purchasing Network

Smart Procurement, Less Waste:

Purchasing Decisions Contributing to Landfill Diversion

Alicia is the executive director at the Responsible Purchasing Network...

Luke Soiseth

Mod & Company

Marketing for Talent and Revenue:

Leveraging Waste Storytelling for Additional Benefits

Luke is the co-owner of Mod & Company...

Stephanie Barger

Director of TRUE Zero Waste Programs
U.S. Green Building Council

TRUE Zero Waste Certification:

The Business Benefits of Market Transformation

Stephanie Barger has over 25 years of experience in environmental stewardship, employee training, management consulting and business development. She formed the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council in 2012...

Justin Brown

Senior Auditor
NSF International

Landfill-Free Verification:

A Certifier’s Perspective on Process and Performance Improvement

Justin Brown has worked at NSF International for nearly 19 years in varying capacities. He has worked within the NSF Sustainability program for 10 years, since its inception...

Kate Christian

Kate Christian

Corporate Sustainability Coordinator
Eco-Cycle, Inc.

Handling Hard to Recycle Items:

Using Community Non-Profit Partnerships to Solve Complex Problems

Kate is the corporate sustainability coordinator for Eco-Cycle Solutions and a leading authority on zero-waste best practices who focuses on the facts, details, and logistics...

Catherine Sheehy

Global Lead of Sustainability Partnerships

Zero Waste-to-Landfill:

Journeying Toward a Circular Economy

Catherine’s wealth of knowledge in measurement, reporting, and data-driven change management coupled with her passion for sustainability has positioned her to successfully ...

Alicia Simmons

Sustainability Manager
Frontier Co-op

Sharing Best Practices:

Learning Waste Reduction Short-Cuts through Collaboration

Alicia is the Sustainability Manager for Frontier Co-op, a member-owned cooperative supporting natural living since 1976. They are owned by stores and other organizations that buy and sell their products. Frontier Co-op cares deeply...

Abbie Webb

Abbie Webb

Director of Sustainability
Casella Resource Solutions

Investing in Local Infrastructure :

Benefits of Domestic Facilities for Recycling and Compost

Abbie Webb is the sustainability director at Casella Resource Solutions. She leads the company’s overall sustainability strategy as it relates to recycling and diversion efforts...

Mark Dorfman

Mark Dorfman

Senior Principal and Green Chemist
Biomimicry 3.8

Eliminating Waste Through Design:

How to Use the Practical Principles of Biomimicry

Mark is senior principal and green chemist at Biomimicry 3.8. Mark applies the design principles of nature’s time-tested chemical strategies to develop innovative solutions to the toxic chemical and material challenges of the 21st Century...

Steve Daar

Steve Daar

Head of Product & Growth

Engaging Employees with Hands-On Events & Campaigns [VIP Training]

Steve is the head of product & growth at Litterati, where he builds the product to better help individuals, companies, & governments to manage waste more intelligently. Through a networked platform, everyone can work together to quantify, manage, and solve waste issues.

Jamie DelliSanti

Jamie DelliSanti

Strategic Account Executive
Rubicon Global

Partnering with a Management Company to Reduce Waste [VIP Training]

Jamie is a strategic account executive for Rubicon Global, an innovative software company providing waste, recycling, and smart-city solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. She is an innovative client relations manager focused on...

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